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Avatar Land
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About this journal
Welcome to Avatarland, an interactive community hosting challenges relevant to James Cameron's Avatar movie. There are three challenge types so that everyone can participate; Graphics, Writing and Games. Only members can participate so request to join and have fun.
Teams Points Tally

Team Neytiri: 583
Team Jake: 134
Top Earners Points Tally

teevee_etc: 257
needtakehave: 70

June 2010
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Jenny [userpic]

Hey everyone!
Seems like ages since the comm opened and we got our first members! Unfortunately the fandom is small and it took us months to reach the minimum of 6 members in each team.

But we're there now, and this Monday, June 14th, the First Battle for Pandora will officially begin!

Since some of you applied months ago, we need to check if you're still willing to participate and it would save me a lot of time if you could comment here and tell us if you're staying. Otherwise I'll send out PMs during the weekend :)

Jenny [userpic]

This is the link to the image in case you want to pimp the community: http://i39.tinypic.com/24b199d.jpg

So since we are officially open and hopefully people will join in order for the teams to be formed, there are a couple of things that need to be adressed.

The most important is when the first battle for Pandora will begin. That mostly depends on when each team will reach a minimum number of 7-10 members. I'd like to run the battle from April 1 to July 1, so if we manage to gather around 20 members in a week we can follow that plan, otherwise it'll start a little later :)

Also we're looking for co-mods for both teams. kateshepard and janevampyr are not sitting on their asses all day long as I do, so they're going to need help running the comms. For these positions I'd prefer people who have been involved with land comms before, either as a moderator or a member for more than two months. If you're interested leave a comment and I'll get back to you :)

Jenny [userpic]

Here is the application you have to complete in order to become a member of avatarland and be able to participate in the challenges. Please make sure you have read and understood the rules first.

There are some criteria you have to meet in order to be able to apply:

  • You obviously must have watched Avatar as all the challenges in this community are related to the movie.
  • Your journal must be at least one month old with signs of life. We request that because you have to know some basic things about how livejournal works. If however your livejournal is not one month old and you are a member of another site like like it (for example dreamwidth) or if your livejournal is older than one month with no signs of life because you only use it to post on communities, you qualify for membership. If you are new member with no experience on how sites like livejournal work but you know another member of this community who is willing to “vouch” for you, once again you qualify for membership. (If you belong in one of the three “special” categories note it on the “anything else” section of the application.)
  • You must be able to participate in at least one challenge per two weeks and vote every week.

Right now there are two teams, Team Neytiri and Team Jake but we’re planning on creating Team Trudy and Team Norm if we gather more than 60 members. You can put these four teams in any order you prefer, but note that right now you’ll be placed in either Team Neytiri or Team Jake and not everyone will be placed in their first choice, since the teams have to be even. But it doesn’t really matter in which Team you are, it’s just a name and nothing more ;)


Choice #1:
Choice #3:
How did you find out about avatar_land?
Anything else?

Jenny [userpic]

General Participation Rules:

1. Please keep everything at a PG-13 rating and if you have to go NC-17 put a warning ahead. Innuendos, hints etc are no problem, we can’t be saints ;)

2. Bashing of other members, actors or any other person related to the movie and the franchise will not be tolerated. We are supposed to be fans of the same thing and you have the right to speak your mind, but please do it politely and don’t try to force your views on others. Not everyone can think the same way you do.

3. We want to keep the community active so all members are required to participate in:

  • At least one challenge every two weeks (voting is not listed as a challenge).
  • At least one voting every week.
If you fail to comply with this rule you will get a warning and if you do not start participating more often after that you will be cut from the community.

4. There is a hiatus/leaving post here, in the main community. If you want to leave the community or if you want to go on a hiatus you have to comment there and send a PM to your team leader in order to inform us both of your intentions.
Maximum hiatus period can be 3 weeks, if you’ll be gone for more than that you’re going to have to leave the community and rejoin once you’re able to start participating again.

Challenges Rules:

1. All deadlines for the challenges will be on 9pm GMT unless otherwise stated.

2. NEVER share your entry to a challenge with anyone unless it’s participation only or is otherwise stated in the challenge’s guidelines.

3. ALWAYS put your team name/signature/icon in your entries, or no points will be awarded to you.

Team Name Example:

Team Signature Example:

Team Icon Example:

If you choose to use a team icon note that you CANNOT use any icons you want, only the ones in this list count:

Team Neytiri Icons:
by creativedreamin by creativedreamin 

 Team Jake Icons:
by creativedreamin by creativedreamin 

(there will be a challenge about making team icons and the winners will be added to the list)


1.Time Machine” Card: Every team gets three of those in each battle. Using one means that you can extend any deadline you want for 2 days ONLY FOR YOUR TEAM.

2.Eywa’s Freebie” Reward: Twice in every battle, a member will be selected randomly and if they have a link to the community in their profile/sidebar/friend's only entry/other sticky entry they will be awarded 50 points.

3.Pandora’s Challenge”: This will be the last challenge in every battle. Each team will have to bring all their members to work together and the winner will receive all the points I have gathered by participating in challenges, since I don’t belong in any team and my points should go somewhere.

4.Avatar Order”: Anyone who refers a new member to the community will automatically gain 10 points for his/her team. In order to get the points, the one you're referring needs to mention you in the "How did you find out about avatar_land?" section of the application.


Community Owner: creativedreamin
Since I am the one running the community I am not a member of any team and any points I'll earn by participating in challenges will be fair game for both teams at the end of each battle.

Team Leaders: kateshepard for Team Neytiri and janevampyr for Team Jake
Team Leaders can participate in every challenge, but won't participate in the voting if they are the ones organising a challenge and know whose every entry is.

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